Bostick & Sullivan Digital Negatives

There are a thousand different ways to make Digital Negatives. Here at Bostick & Sullivan, we work with a very simple method of making digital negatives that uses a curve to get the desired tonal ranges from the chemistry being worked with in, and then works with Epson printer controls to get make the negative dense. 

This page contains instructions and resources on how to go about making digital negatives. If you have any questions, you can use our contact form or give us a call at (505) 474-0890.

This information is for digital negatives made using Pictorico OHP Premium transparency film and Epson printers and inks. All our curves are designed with photo black epson ink, not matte black. 

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Bostick & Sullivan Digital Negative How-to Instructions

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Bostick & Sullivan Curves:

*For the majority of negatives, you apply the curve to the positive and then invert the image. The color density is normally at 20% and you adjust the max optical density as needed. Thank you to Dave Hyams for the Platinum Palladium Curve, Kallitype Curve, and Cyanotype Curve. The VanDyke Curve was made by Christi Wiltenburg. If you are looking for other curves, please contact Christi Wiltenburg at

Platinum Palladium *for use with 4-5 drops of the 5% Na2 platinum for an 8x10, set max optical density to -5

Kallitype *apply curve to negative not positive, set max optical density to -3

Cyanotype *leave max optical density at 0

VanDyke *set color density to 30%, leave max optical density at 0


How to make a platinum palladium negative, quickly and easily, with the curve made by Dave Hyams for 5% Na2 Platinum the Bostick & Sullivan way. This demo assumes you're using Adobe Photoshop and Epson printers with regular Epson ink.